I have the ability to design and animate Social Media Post, Web Content, Product Promotions, Animated Information Graphics, Music Videos, VJ, Storytelling, Logo, GIFs

Bobby darin - Motown records

web banner video - social content

Field Work Provisions Co. promotional video for social content, and to be used as a website banner.

experimental : faces through a hole

"An experimental trance." Voted "Staff Pick" at Maine Channel Film Festival 2010.

social media content

Why not put some motion into your social media advertising? It's cool. I can help you!

tutorial video - service side kick

A short graphics animation and instructed software tutorial for Service Side Kick. Why not, right?

typography animation

Helvetica A Story is a short theatrical animation showcasing the history of the Helvetica and Arial font faces. All of the animation is built using only typography from the two fonts. 

flash animation : pretty lights : how we do

A music video built using only Adobe Flash, and Photoshop.

music visualizer : cyborg trio

In this video I explore using expressions in After Effects to sync to a sound file. Cyborg Trio is a band based in Maine.