Using contemporary technology and programing I create and transform environments into beautiful, interactive art installations. 

mind flask

Mind Flask is a new approach to controling live video and recorded sound. When a user picks up the Glowing Orb :  X,Y,Z, roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration  information is sent via bluetooth to the computer which is processing a live camera feed, video effects, and sound control. The information that are sent from The Orb being moved is used to change the parameters that control the video effects and sound speed. When The Orb has no movement, the program recognizes this and lets music play normal and video effects lessen. 

I have some great ideas on how to expand this project including the use of multiple projectors, large audience interactive cameras, and multiple new input devices. Stay tuned and I will add video of these soon. 

I programed and designed this platform using TROIKA TRONIX Isadora and OSCulator


LIVE SOUNd & motion tracking AS A LIVE sound and VIDEO effect mixer.

Motion tracking is captured through camera collecting an objects velocity, size, brightness, and movement relative to a grid. This information is then used to alter video effects and sound speed.

Live audio is also captured via a microphone to which its information is translated into the parameters that control video effects. Sorry for the poor audio, you might need to crank your volume up!


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